Tuesday, November 5

hey again

I've decided to try taking up blogging again! 
Life changes so rapidly, you sometimes have to let a few things go. I really didn't want blogging to be one of those things I let go of. I've really been lacking when it comes to keeping up with my photography and writing. 
My big brother, who also happens to be one of my best friends- came home from Colorado last week and we had a splendid time tromping around an old, run down barn with our DSLR's in tow. My love and awe of the camera had quickly become rekindled after snapping pictures of anything and everything. My brother even did some masculine modeling for me while we were out...

I've also taken up baking more frequently as well. And not just baking baking, like simple cookies and everyday sweets...but like those adorable, you're-dreaming-if-you-think-this'll-turn-out-as-good-as-the-picture, pinterest-y sweet creation. I've had some things turn out utter failures, of course...but some things turned out tolerable, and that pleased me. I've finally kind'a, sort'a started mastering the art of making those darling little doll cakes that I simply adored as a child. My little sisters like them, too. Hm. Unfortunately I only had big brothers growing up. They never were very interested in delighting me with homemade princess cakes. I was terribly mistreated.

Anyway, hopefully, I'll stay dedicated to this little site again. Maybe it'll bring out more of the inner baking-crafty-photographer in me.

-x o x o

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