Thursday, November 7

life is full of wonderful things!

  Do you ever just feel dreadfully lazy some days?

  I had one of those days today. It was cold out, I was the only one home and it seemed perfectly normal to reside in my pajamas until twelve thirty. So did forty-five minutes in a vanilla sugar bubble bath, snuggling up under the covers with a book and eating pumpkin spice ice cream with roasted pecans. It was quite blissful really...and honestly, I didn't feel any ounce of guilt. Might that be a bad thing? My day wasn't entirely self centered and unproductive, though. I did tidy the house and swept the downstairs while listening to Emmit Cahill, and, as I can safely say, if Emmit Cahill is involved, of isn't even classified as work. Just hearing his voice while cleaning makes scrubbing toilets the best job on earth. Honestly. His voice sounds a bit like heaven. Anyhow.
  Tomorrow I will be spending an entire two days with my darling bestfriend, Sary, down at the lakehouse. I'm quite ecstatic about it, really. After she moved from being only walking distance from my house, to being a hour and a half away, it has been terribly hard on us both. Talking on the phone is nice, but it is nothing like actually being in one another's company.

Sometimes I think to much on what I don't have, but today I was reminded just how much I have, and how richly God has blessed me. My life is full of wonderful things...and I am grateful.

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