Monday, June 2

goodbye are hard.

My little twinsies are moving away.

I still remember a year and a half ago, the first day I took care of these little angels. I was so nervous, unsure of myself...trying to do everything perfect. I had years of experience with little children and babysitting, but I still wanted to do my absolute best in caring for these two little girls. The first day I laid eyes on them, I thought they had to be the cutest little girls I had ever seen, and not only was there one- but two! And they looked just alike! I thought it'd be a breeze, which, I soon learned...that even though they may look alike- they were two totally different little girls. But despite the differences, disputes and sisterly fights...these little ladies are best friends, who could never live without each other. 

I've learned so much myself by caring for them in this past year. Patience, gentleness, kindness, love. The way they respond to what I do, how they'll act in certain situations. They way they like their food, how they sleep, what they enjoy playing. The differences between their giggles, how Avery always prefers Addy loves to cuddle. All the little things about them that I've come to love.

It will feel different not waking up at six anymore. Not snuggling their sleepy little bodies in the early morning watching Mickey Mouse. Not fixing them scrambled eggs and french toast for breakfast. Not filling pink sippy cups with Sunny D. No more two o'clock naps, or singing "Jesus Loves Me" at the top of our lungs. I'll miss it, but I'm blessed to of had the exiperence of caring for Addison and Avery for the amount of time that I did. I'm not sorry for a day of it.

I can't wait to see these little girls grow up, and I'll always remember the impact they've made on my life. Showing my what it meant to be responsible, how things are through the eyes of innocence, and all the love and joy they filled my life with. 

I love you, Addy and Avy.

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