Wednesday, June 4

it's a typical day

Today was one of those "omg-I-don't-wanna-get-up-days", then, of course...I totally threw off the whole "lets eat healthy today". After throwing my hair in a messy bun and applying minimal make-up, I headed out for work, stuffing my face with donuts all the way there. Who want to be skinny anyway? The world would be much simpler if we were all fat and happy. 
The twins got up bright and early today to start off my lazy mood, and were very energetic and ready to play. Outside. In the hot, summer sunshine. Yay. 

And that's just what we did.

The girls and I applied bug repellent very thoroughly, seeing as mosquitoes have been more than inviting this summer. Addison informed me that my job of a quick spray would definitely not do. We needed to specifically spray a nice amount on our neck and ankles instead of Mary's fast, quick spritz over arms and legs. Geez. Since when did two year olds become so particular? 
They also wanted to wear my sunglasses. They are also picky about style. I'm pretty sure Avery changed into seven different outfits yesterday. Nothing says style like cheetah print tanks with black and white shorts and a hot pink bow. Avery has it all.

After a little parade of sporatic events outside including chalk, flower bouqets and a picnic, the girls decided they wanted to cuddle up in Daddy's big recliner and watch Tangled for the twenty-sixth time, so we ate popcorn and marshmallows and sang "Mother Knows Best", while laughing hysterically at Flynn Rider's smolder.  Why yes, we may have a slight infatuation with him.

Some days I go home have to pat my back for remaining sane, and even though my back aches and I can't wait to soak in the tub and pull out a good book...I remember baby hugs, slobbery kisses,  hard back story books, Disney movies for the fiftieth time- and I realize yet again how incredibly blessed I am.

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