Tuesday, January 9

Thrifty & Crafty

   Do you ever throw frozen waffles on a fancy plate and pretend its a gourmet restaurant meal? I do. My favorite thing on Saturday mornings is to sleep until around 9 am, then getting up to make breakfast with my husband. We don't go to IHop for breakfast unless it is a special occasion, so its fun to get creative in the kitchen making homemade omelets, pancakes, slicing up fresh fruit or frying bacon. We can then cuddle up in our jammies, and don't have to tip a waitress.

  Which brings me to say, I like to save money where I can.

  My mom was always thrifty when I was growing up. There were twelve of us kids, so there wasn't near as much money to throw around, but we always had nice things. Sometimes our clothes came from Goodwill or the sale rack at JCPenney, but they were always clean and neat. She fixed up the house with mostly things she found at garage sales or a bargain deal somewhere. We never went for the most expensive brand of food, the store brand is always cheaper and tastes the same anyway. Except for Blue Bell ice cream. We were a picky, southern, Texan family and it was either Blue Bell ice cream or no ice cream.
As I got older and became a wife, I still kept that mindset. It shocked me how much cheaper and easier it is to buy groceries for two, but it was so fun to match prices and see just how much money I could save on my own little grocery trips to the store.

  When it comes to decorating the house, I still feel the same way. My coffee table is an old cedar chest passed down from my great grandmother. It took repairing, but I still think it is so antique and beautiful. I'm not sure how many people my TV stand has been passed down through. I like to take old broken things and fix them up. It just brings me so much pleasure to see just what I am capable of turning something that isn't quite so nice back into.
I am sure my friends find it questionable when I am quick to yell "Don't throw that away, I want it!" and take a dive towards their old, torn apart piece of furniture. But what is that saying? One mans trash is another mans treasure. I promise I am not a creepy hoarder.  Its just that my first thoughts of a quality piece of garbage is "What idea can I find on Pinterest for this?"
Someone gave me a bright gold shelf with swirly designs that they were going to pitch. With a hefty coat of white spray paint, it paired nicely topped with floral and hung in my pink, shabby bathroom. Worn out clothes can be torn into blocks for a quilt. Wine or juice bottles with ribbon or glitter make beautiful vases. A frame that you don't have use for anymore makes an adorable picture shadow box, or a perfect chalk board with some chalk spray on the glass. So cheap compared to those twenty dollar chalk boards at hobby lobby, plus its more fun customizing your own.

{My son's sonogram shadowbox)

   My sweet husband also supports my crafty fondness of recreate and recycling. He brought home a tall mirror for Christmas so I could decorate it with felt flowers and last years Christmas lights from the Dollar store. He made a queen size bed for our guest room with old privacy fence posts. Its my very favorite piece of furniture, if not for how only how rustic and solid it looks, but thinking of sitting in the garage and watching him put it together with his own bare hands. I love watching him build stuff, he makes it look like the simplest thing in the world.

Recycling turns things into other things which is basically magic.

   It's funny just how little effort it takes to be a good steward of the things and money you have. To use a little glue or string and a crafty brain to turn your garbage into goodies. To see just how far you can stretch your grocery budget, and all the stylish items you can find on the sale rack if you look hard enough.
I'm thankful for the way I was brought up, not only in a more penny saving, thrifty environment. But for the fact that my parents helped encourage a more creative eye, and set good examples for me to follow.

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