Wednesday, June 4

it's a typical day

Today was one of those "omg-I-don't-wanna-get-up-days", then, of course...I totally threw off the whole "lets eat healthy today". After throwing my hair in a messy bun and applying minimal make-up, I headed out for work, stuffing my face with donuts all the way there. Who want to be skinny anyway? The world would be much simpler if we were all fat and happy. 
The twins got up bright and early today to start off my lazy mood, and were very energetic and ready to play. Outside. In the hot, summer sunshine. Yay. 

And that's just what we did.

The girls and I applied bug repellent very thoroughly, seeing as mosquitoes have been more than inviting this summer. Addison informed me that my job of a quick spray would definitely not do. We needed to specifically spray a nice amount on our neck and ankles instead of Mary's fast, quick spritz over arms and legs. Geez. Since when did two year olds become so particular? 
They also wanted to wear my sunglasses. They are also picky about style. I'm pretty sure Avery changed into seven different outfits yesterday. Nothing says style like cheetah print tanks with black and white shorts and a hot pink bow. Avery has it all.

After a little parade of sporatic events outside including chalk, flower bouqets and a picnic, the girls decided they wanted to cuddle up in Daddy's big recliner and watch Tangled for the twenty-sixth time, so we ate popcorn and marshmallows and sang "Mother Knows Best", while laughing hysterically at Flynn Rider's smolder.  Why yes, we may have a slight infatuation with him.

Some days I go home have to pat my back for remaining sane, and even though my back aches and I can't wait to soak in the tub and pull out a good book...I remember baby hugs, slobbery kisses,  hard back story books, Disney movies for the fiftieth time- and I realize yet again how incredibly blessed I am.

Monday, June 2

goodbye are hard.

My little twinsies are moving away.

I still remember a year and a half ago, the first day I took care of these little angels. I was so nervous, unsure of myself...trying to do everything perfect. I had years of experience with little children and babysitting, but I still wanted to do my absolute best in caring for these two little girls. The first day I laid eyes on them, I thought they had to be the cutest little girls I had ever seen, and not only was there one- but two! And they looked just alike! I thought it'd be a breeze, which, I soon learned...that even though they may look alike- they were two totally different little girls. But despite the differences, disputes and sisterly fights...these little ladies are best friends, who could never live without each other. 

I've learned so much myself by caring for them in this past year. Patience, gentleness, kindness, love. The way they respond to what I do, how they'll act in certain situations. They way they like their food, how they sleep, what they enjoy playing. The differences between their giggles, how Avery always prefers Addy loves to cuddle. All the little things about them that I've come to love.

It will feel different not waking up at six anymore. Not snuggling their sleepy little bodies in the early morning watching Mickey Mouse. Not fixing them scrambled eggs and french toast for breakfast. Not filling pink sippy cups with Sunny D. No more two o'clock naps, or singing "Jesus Loves Me" at the top of our lungs. I'll miss it, but I'm blessed to of had the exiperence of caring for Addison and Avery for the amount of time that I did. I'm not sorry for a day of it.

I can't wait to see these little girls grow up, and I'll always remember the impact they've made on my life. Showing my what it meant to be responsible, how things are through the eyes of innocence, and all the love and joy they filled my life with. 

I love you, Addy and Avy.

Thursday, November 7

life is full of wonderful things!

  Do you ever just feel dreadfully lazy some days?

  I had one of those days today. It was cold out, I was the only one home and it seemed perfectly normal to reside in my pajamas until twelve thirty. So did forty-five minutes in a vanilla sugar bubble bath, snuggling up under the covers with a book and eating pumpkin spice ice cream with roasted pecans. It was quite blissful really...and honestly, I didn't feel any ounce of guilt. Might that be a bad thing? My day wasn't entirely self centered and unproductive, though. I did tidy the house and swept the downstairs while listening to Emmit Cahill, and, as I can safely say, if Emmit Cahill is involved, of isn't even classified as work. Just hearing his voice while cleaning makes scrubbing toilets the best job on earth. Honestly. His voice sounds a bit like heaven. Anyhow.
  Tomorrow I will be spending an entire two days with my darling bestfriend, Sary, down at the lakehouse. I'm quite ecstatic about it, really. After she moved from being only walking distance from my house, to being a hour and a half away, it has been terribly hard on us both. Talking on the phone is nice, but it is nothing like actually being in one another's company.

Sometimes I think to much on what I don't have, but today I was reminded just how much I have, and how richly God has blessed me. My life is full of wonderful things...and I am grateful.

Tuesday, November 5

hey again

I've decided to try taking up blogging again! 
Life changes so rapidly, you sometimes have to let a few things go. I really didn't want blogging to be one of those things I let go of. I've really been lacking when it comes to keeping up with my photography and writing. 
My big brother, who also happens to be one of my best friends- came home from Colorado last week and we had a splendid time tromping around an old, run down barn with our DSLR's in tow. My love and awe of the camera had quickly become rekindled after snapping pictures of anything and everything. My brother even did some masculine modeling for me while we were out...

I've also taken up baking more frequently as well. And not just baking baking, like simple cookies and everyday sweets...but like those adorable, you're-dreaming-if-you-think-this'll-turn-out-as-good-as-the-picture, pinterest-y sweet creation. I've had some things turn out utter failures, of course...but some things turned out tolerable, and that pleased me. I've finally kind'a, sort'a started mastering the art of making those darling little doll cakes that I simply adored as a child. My little sisters like them, too. Hm. Unfortunately I only had big brothers growing up. They never were very interested in delighting me with homemade princess cakes. I was terribly mistreated.

Anyway, hopefully, I'll stay dedicated to this little site again. Maybe it'll bring out more of the inner baking-crafty-photographer in me.

-x o x o