About Me♥

Mary Susannah 

Basically I'm a wannabe photographer. I talk to much and enjoy life entirely. I despise fitness and love sweets. I spend to much time shopping and buying useless things I don't need. I'm married to the cutest guy ever. I make fried pies as a job, but honestly, it doesn't feel like a job. Is making goodies with your friends a job? I am a daughter of the King and put Him first above all, and live to serve Him and to help others.❤


  1. You are so gorgeous, girl! And I looooove your name. I've always loved the name Mary. :) Just sayin'...

    {yeah, I know... I've been following for a long time, but I just clicked on your "about" page. ;) One of those "Hmm... Don't know if I've visited her pages yet.... ;)

  2. Love it! We sound a lot a like!