About Me♥

Mary Susannah 

Basically I'm a wannabe photographer. I talk to much and enjoy life entirely. I despise fitness and love sweets, laugh to often, and pretty much spend 97% of my time at work. I love my job, I live and breathe Chick Fil A. I work with my bestfriends and look forward to interacting with the customers each day. I'm engaged to the absolute cutest guy, who tolerates my craziness daily, yet still loves me. Honestly, though, that makes us even because I make him sandwiches. I am a daughter of the King and put Him first above all, and live to serve Him and to help others.❤


  1. You are so gorgeous, girl! And I looooove your name. I've always loved the name Mary. :) Just sayin'...

    {yeah, I know... I've been following for a long time, but I just clicked on your "about" page. ;) One of those "Hmm... Don't know if I've visited her pages yet.... ;)

  2. Love it! We sound a lot a like!